Dishwashers acid rinse aid

Acid rinse aid for rinsing in dishwashers even with hard water. No foam formula. It helps dishes dry quickly while preventing the formation of calcareous stains. Prevents the formation of stains and streaks and preserves the original sparkle of the dishes. Suitable for HACCP use.

  • Prevents the formation of stains and streaks 
  • Suitable for hard water
  • Phosphate-free

0,3 - 1,5 g/L.

Use automatic dosing devices for enhanced cleaning effectiveness.


Do not use on calcareous surfaces (marble, terrazzo, marble composition and travertine, etc.).
Before use, please always refer to the Technical Data Sheet and the Safety Data Sheet, with the exposure scenario, of the product. Use the PPE specified in the Safety Data Sheet.
All liability is declined for any damage due to an improper product use.
Only for professional use. Safety data sheet available on request.

Code Size Quantity Pallet
7130 Kg 5 4 9x4=36
7131 Kg 20 1 13x2=26
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